Beach House

Beach Houses open
between 7/1 ~ 8/31.


This beach house is built in the style of early 1900's beach houses for those who would like to enjoy a more traditional experience.


Kamakura BBQ club

In the Yuigahama beach, the third sea house from the west, "Kamakura BBQ club" full-scale grilled meat store is set up in the sea house, with each table, charcoal grilled Japanese beef specialties with our own secret sauce please eat. At the beach, hand-bought, charcoal grill BBQ Wood deck space and lawn space match the sea and the sky to create a super comfortable space.Whether you are a group or a couple, feel free to come and visit us!

To the sea for Yuigahama Beach

Our first time ever beach house " To the sea for Yuigahama Beach " is now
open in Yuigahama, Kamakura city!

About To the sea...

Our beach house provides services that would make the women happier while
they feel safe, comfortable, and enjoy their beach lives.

The popular chicken restaurant "Chickenman" produces the dishes.
We serve special Hawaiian menus including " Huli Huli Chicken" .

We highly recommend to come stop by our beach house especially for those
who love the beach or Hawaii!
We are looking forward to you visiting our beach house ☆

nanana Marina

“ Nanana Marina” is the beach house of TV Tokyo.

Also, they are pleased to offer you the dishes and drinks that they are proud of which are perfect for summer.

You must have a red spicy chicken which is one of the trending dishes every year!

Please have a great time at their beach house.

sunny cafe

We are "sunny cafe"
Our theme is the oasis on the beach.
We are preparing many exciting products which can be tasted only in this summer.
Don't miss it.

Thai Village

Thai Village-the largest in Yuigahama.

The food court serves authentic Thai and various international cuisines.

Chill out and enjoy the ocean breeze while drinking and dining.


The Amuse Seaside House, which is produced by Eisho Higa (the member of BEGIN) will be open in Yuigahama from July 1st! You can enjoy the music and other special events in the seaside house!

Kamakura Chaya

Here is the one of the few beach house which is JAPANESE OLD STYLE in Yuigahama beach.
We've been loved a many of local customers from kids to families and young couples.. since1975.
It feels like a Japanese "MATSURI" by Japanese "Cho-chin" decorations.
The most popular menu is "Ramen" called "Chuka soba".
This is really rare to enjoy old Japanese Izakaya style at the beach!!
At the foods corner, we have many of popular japanese menus like Curry, Gyu-don.. and Yakitori and also Hotdog and ice corn.
We hope to make your own summer memories and expecting with our "Omotenashi". Thank you.

Accommodation: Dressing room, Shower, Hair dryer, Locker room, Toilet, Rest space(only beach house user).
Rental items: Beach bed, Parasol, Swim ring, Body board.towel.


Kumazama swimwear shop

We have all you beach needs available.We have an amazing wide variety of women's, men's and kids swimwear in many sizes from extra small to 5L. We also have a beautiful selecton of water floaty tubes, sandmats, thongs, beach towels, and body-boards for you to enjoy while you here at the beach.


In addition, we prepared the menu of the Kamakura chef, which was made by a first-class chef in Tokyo, and a BBQ, a variety of cocktail menus, including varieties of champagne, which can be seen in A5 rank.
You can enjoy the popular beach resort and Airsoft sofa from children to adults.
Suitable for couples and large groups.

BELTA Beach House

BELTA sea side house information
We prepare delicious sausage of local Kamakura
And Healthy menu using horse meat to support physical beauty
We wait for wonderful scenery and delicious ingredients of Kamakura.

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