Yuigahama is a beach located at Kamakura, Kanagawa Pref.

You can find nearby parking lots from this MAP.

By Car

Asahina Interchange of Yokohama-Yokosuka expressway is the nearest interchange.

How to go to Yokohama-Yokosuka Expressway.
  • Going along the Yokohane Line or Wangan Line of the capital freeway, head for the Yokohama Yokosuka Road via the Kariba Interchange of the Kariba Line of the capital freeway Kanagawa line 3.
  • From the Keihin road 3, go to the Yokohama Yokosuka Road via the Yokohama New Road.
From Asahina Interchange
  • To go to national route 134 which along the coast, go about 7.8 km via prefectural route 204 and 21.

By Train

Yuigahama station of Enoden Line and Kamakura Station of JR Yokosuka Line is the nearest station.

From Yokohama Station
  • JR Yokosuka line and Shonan-Shinjuku line Yokohama to Kamakura (25min)
From Shinagawa Station
  • JR Yokosuka line Shinagawa to Kamakura (45min)
From Shibuya Station
  • JR Shonan-Shinjuku line Shibuya to Kamakura (52min)
  • Tokyu-Toyoko line Shibuya to Yokohama (32min)
From Kamakura station
  • Enoden Line kamakura to Kamakura to Yuigahama (3min)

From Kamakura Station

By Walking
  1. 1. Go out from east side ticket gate of JR Kamakura Station and go straight.
  2. 2. Turn right at Wakamiya-ooji street, a main street of Kamakura.
  3. 3. Following the street, you will arrive at the beach. Go under the rail.
  4. 4. After across the Geba intersection, you can see Seven-Eleven. Keep going along the street.
  5. 5. On the way to the beach pass through Ichino-torii, a gate of shrine. Keep following the street. You will see Lawson and this is the nearest convenience store from beach.
  6. 6. Go along the street and you can see Namekawa intersection. Cross the intersection and you will arrive at the east side of Yuigahama beach!
By Enoden
  • You can walk to Yuigahama beach from Wadaduka, Yuigahama and Hase station in 5 minutes each.

From Yuigahama Station

By Walking
  1. 1. Go out of the ticket gate of Yuigahama station and turn left.
  2. 2. Turn right at first intersection.
  3. 3. At a corner where Matsubara-an, a restaurant is located, if you turn LEFT → Route A.
    If you turn STRAIGHT → Route B.
  4. 4A. Following the road, you can see sea in the distance.
  5. 5A. Go along the road, you will arrive at Yuigahama beach!
  6. 4B. Following the road, you can see sea in the distance.
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